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2016 Fall Semester


2016 Fall Semester


Application Period

9~19 May

20 June~1 July
  • Submit appliucation form and required documents to Office of International Affairs, 20 Kwangwoon-ro, Nowon-gu,  Seoul 01897, Korea

Announcement of

Document Sreening

27 May

8 July

Admission Exam

1 June

13 July

- Written test for Korean language 


Announcement of

Admission Result

10 June

22 July

Visa Application - -

13~17 June

25~29 July

- Tuition and fees should be paid at the

   designated university account

Student Orientation 23~24 August 23~24 August - Orientation for new students
- Korean language placement test
Semester Start Date 29 August 29 August

College Group Contents
Electronics and Information
Electronics and Information
- Electronic Engineering
- Electronics & Communication Engineering
- Electronics Convergence Engineering
Computer Engineering - Computer Engineering
- Computer Software
Electrical and Electronic
Materials Control Engineering
- Electrical Engineering
- Electronic Materials Engineering
Robotics - Robotics (Information Control Major, Artificial Intelligence System Major)
Engineering Architecture
(5-year course)
- Architecture (5-year course)
Architectural Engineering
(4-year course)
- Architectural Engineering (4-year course)
Chemical Engineering - Chemical Engineering
Environmental Engineering - Environmental Engineering
Natural Science Natural Science - Mathematics
- Electronical &Biological Physics
- Chemistry
Sports Leadership - Sports &Leisure Studies

- Korean Language and Literature

- English Language and Literature

Northeast Asia Northeast Asian Trade - Northeast Asian Trade (Korea-China Trade Major, Korea-Japan Trade Major)
Northeast Asian Cultural Industries - Northeast Asian Cultural Industries (Cultural Exchange Major, Cultural contents Development Major)
International Studies

- International Studies (Area Studies Major, Global Korea)

Social Sciences Social Science - Public Administration
- Industrial Psychology
Communication Arts - Communication Arts (Journalism and Broadcasting, Digital Media, Corporate Media)
Law Law - Law (Law Major, International legal Affairs Major, Science and Technology related Law)
Business Administration Business Administration - Business Administration

 A. Nationality
1) Applicant and both parents must be non-Korean citizens.
2) Applicant should not have dual nationality.

B. Education
1) Freshmen Admission : Applicant must have completed or expects to complete primary and secondary education at the time of application.                                                                                                                                                                        2) Transfer Admission : Applicant must meet one of below conditions; Sophomore Transfer a) Was enrolled in a 4-year university for more than 1 year(two semesters) b) Was enrolled in a 2(3)-year community college and received or is expected to receive a degree.  Junior Transfer : a) Was enrolled in a 4-year university for more than 2 year(four semesters) b) Was enrolled in a 2(3)-year community college and received or is expected to receive a degree *Vocational schools and specialized secondary schools are Excluded.
C. Korean Proficiency
1) General Application : Applicant whose Korean proficiency is qualified to attend undergraduate classes 
2) Conditional Application : Applicant who is not qualified for General Application

    A.All documents should be original hard copies and submitted documents and application fee will not be returned.

    B.Notarized Certificate of Diploma and Transcripts should be an Apostille or an official endorsement from the applicant's country embassy(with notarization marks nted on the diploma and transcripts)

    C.If it is found that the accepted documents are false, the student’s admission can be cancelled.

No. Required Documents Comments
1 Application form Download a KWU format at
2 3 passport size photos (4x5 cm)
3 Statement of Purpose Download a KWU format at

- Official high school transcript and diploma (or expected date of graduation)

- Diploma (or completion certificate) and transcript of previously attending university or college

- Notalized certificate of diploma and transcripts and official transcripts

Applicant for undergraduate transfer courses

should accompany Korean or English translation

for all the document. 

5 Official authorization for inquriy into enrollment and academic credit Download a KWU format at
6 A Letter of Recommendation High school principal or teachers, college professors, etc.
7 A copy of applicant's passport and Alien Registration Card(if available)
8 A legal, state-issued certificate of family registry which verifies applicant's family relationship
9 A copy of an applicant's and parents' identification card
10 Certificate of bank statement

- Attach applicant's or sponsor's bank statement indicating minimum deposit of USD 20,000

- Amount deposit should be remained until semester starts

11 Korean proficiency document(if available) 

- Certificate of TOPIK score

- Certificate of Completion and transcipt for Korean languge course 

12 Application fee of KRW 100,000

College Entrance Fee Tuition Total
- Electronics & Information Engineering
- Engineering
954,000 4,271,000 5,225,000

- Natural Science

- Communication Arts

954,000 3,757,000 4,711,000
- Northeast Asian Studies 954,000 3,634,000 4,588,000
- Business 954,000 3,436,000 4,390,000

- Humanities

- Law

- Social Science

954,000 3,248,000 4,202,000
  • Entrance fee and tuition may increase as a new academic year begins.

 A.First Semester
1) International Students: 50% of the tuition
2) International Students from a sister university in foreign country or graduates from the Kwangwoon Center for Korean Language and Culture: 60% of the tuition (dual application is not allowed.)

B.From Second Semester
If the GPA in the previous semester is
1) 4.0 and over, 100% of the tuition will be provided.
2) more than 3.5 and below 4.0, then 70% of the tuition will be provided.
3) more than 3.0 and below 3.5, 50% of the tuition will be provided.
4) more than 2.5 and below 3.0: 40% of the tuition will be provided.
5) more than 2.0 and below 2.5, 30% of the tuition will be provided.




1) General Application : 1st Step : Document Screening 2nd Step : Written exam 

2) Conditional Application : Document Screening

B.Evaluation Criteria

1) For the written test, applicants’ proficiency level of the Korean language will be tested (equivalent to TOPIK LEVEL 3)


A. If it is found that accepted documents have been forged or illegally altered, admission will be nullified. Although this is found out after the student’s admission and the student is already taking classes, the student’s admission will be cancelled.

B. Any disadvantages due to mistyping of the completed application form are responsible by the applicant him/herself.

C. The contact information on the application form should be reachable during the examination period.