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1)If foreign nationals intend to stay in Korea more than 91 days, they must have their registration done within 90 days upon arrival at the Immigration Office within their residential district.


- Passport, application of alien registration permit, two passport size photos, a copy of enrollment certificate, and registration fee
(KRW 10,0000)

1)Documents required for D-2 Visa from D-4

1)Documents required for D-2 Visa from D-4

- Passport, a copy of alien registration card, an application form, a copy of standardized certificate of admission, a receipt of tuition payment, a copy of certified diploma, a Notarized Certificate of Diploma, a certificate of stay, a copy of certificate of Korean language course enrollment, and application fee(KRW 130,000)


1)Documents required for regular diploma programs (bachelor, master, PhD, etc)

- Passport, a copy of alien registration card, an application form, a certificate of enrollment, a certificate of transcript, a certificate of stay, a receipt of tuition payment, Bank bank statement indicating minimum deposit of USD 6,000 and fee(KRW 60,000)

2)Documents required for students preparing for their thesis or dissertation paper after completing their regular diploma program courses.

- Passport, a certificate of alien registration certificate, an application form for stay extension, a letter of recommendation from a department chairman, and fee (KRW 60,000)

1)It is allowed to earn permit for stay extension after graduation in the pursuit of building a job career for those

  • i.Who have gained a bachelor’s degree or higher and whose GPA is over 3.0 in science and engineering areas;
  • ii.Who have earned master’s degree or higher in liberal arts or in science and engineering areas and have a letter of recommendation
      of their department chariman; and
  • iii.Who are college graduate with GPA of 3.0, have a letter of recommendation from a dean or president of the University and are highly
       likely to be hired in 12 professions open for foreign nationals.

2)Extension period: within 6 months


- Passport, a copy of alien registration card, a photo, an application form, a copy of diploma, a college transcript, a letter of recommendation, a certificate of stay, and application fee(KRW 130,000)


  • 1)If foreigners who have their alien registration done want to leave Korea within the period of stay, they must gain a permission from an immigration office within their residential district or at the airport or port before or on the very day of their departure;
    and they must re-enter Korea within the permitted period of stay.
  • 2)The period for re-entry is granted within the initial period of stay. Multiple re-entry permission is only available in an immigration office within the district of their residence in Korea.
  • 3)If there is any unavoidable reasons taking place, which prevents him/her to re-enter the country within the permitted re-entry period, it is possible to extend the period as long as 60 days more at the discretion of Korean diplomatic and consular officials in foreign countries.
  • 4)If they fail to re-enter the country because of their own mistakes or carelessness, they must get their visa reissued.
  • 5)It is not allowed for students to apply for re-entry permit during their leave of absence period.
  • 6)Required Documents

    Passport, a copy of alien registration card, and an application form for re-entry

1)Qualified students: those who are recommended by their professor (higher above full-time instructor)

- Those who have D-2 visa and enroll a tertiary education institution (including 2-year college and above) and have completed at least one semester.

** As for those who changed their visa status to D-2, the period during which they took language courses before they changed
    their visa status will be considered as the period of regular academic courses.

- Those who have completed regular courses (including master’s and doctorate degrees) and are preparing for a thesis or dissertation.


- Hours and period permitted for part-time job seekers

* Not more than 20 hours a week during a semester (in case of holidays (including Saturdays) and vacations, there is no limit.)
* Not more than two(2) workplaces
* One year within the period of stay (extension available)

** Same to those who have completed master’s or doctorate degree courses and are preparing for a thesis or dissertation.
** only for those who have their registration done for a semester

3)Required Documents

- a letter of recommendation

- Immigration call center :1345