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1)General: absence for a certain period owing to personal reasons (sickness or other unavoidable circumstances)


  • - Fill out a leave of absence application form and visit the International Exchange Office with your foreigner registration card
    or passport.
  • - Have it confirmed and stamped.
  • - Submit it to the International Exchange Office.


  • (1)In case of leave of absence, international students must leave Korea within a month from the first effective day of their absence, and their visa extension and re-entry are not allowed.
  • (2)Students will be dismissed if they do not return or extend their leave of absence once their term is over.


  • (1)Regular return: return from absence as scheduled.
  • (2)Earlier return: return from absence one semester earlier than scheduled.
  • (3Return to the same curriculum: it is allowed to re-enroll the same curriculum (as many as for two semesters) if an applicant’s GPA of the semester is below 1.50.


log onto the school portal site → registration and enrollment → application for leave of absence/ return from absence → enter information → finish (International students must contact the International Exchange Office first and make sure every checklist item.)

3)Requirement after Return

  • (1)Tuition payment (Print out a tuition bill from the school portal site for payment. Note that the registration period for those who return from absence is different from regular enrollment period.)
  • (2)Enrollment: online enrollment is available only on a designated enrollment day.


  • (1)In case of return from absence, the School does not provide visa process service on behalf of students. Students should have their D-2 visa issued in their home country, or they must change their C-3 to D-2 after they re-enter Korea.
  • (2)After return from absence, students are not allowed to cancel their enrollment of the semester.
  • (3)Students are responsible for any disadvantage which might be caused by earlier return from absence.


  • (1)Failure to register: failure to make a registration (tuition payment and enrollment) within fixed deadline.
  • (2)Failure to return from absence: failure to return from absence without good reason after the term expires.
  • (3)Academic probation: students whose GPA is below 1.25 right after two (2) consecutive academic probations (below 1.50); or students who have four (4) academic probations in total.
  • (4)Expiration of attendance years: those who have enrolled more than 16 semesters
    (20 semesters in case of Architecture Department), two times longer than the normal attendance period.
    As for transfer students and those who get re-admission, if they fail to graduate even after they have attended school twice longer than the normal attendance period applied to them.

** The period of the leave of absence is out of calculation in the period of attendance.

  • (5)Probation: dismissal due to academic probations or disciplinary punishment.
  • (6)Voluntary withdrawal: students who apply for voluntary withdrawal.

2)Procedure of Voluntary Withdrawal:

  • - Fill out an application form of voluntary withdrawal and visit the International Exchange Office with your foreigner registration card
    or passport.
  • - Have it confirmed and stamped.
  • - Submit it to the office.

  • 1)Students whose GPA is below 1.50 at the end of a semester will be warned of academic probation.
  • 2)Students will be dismissed if their GPA is below 1.25 after 2 consecutive academic probations or if they have 4 academic probations in total.
  • 3)Students are allowed to re-enroll the same curriculum on a semester or yearly basis if they have poor academic achievements.
    The attendance days of the semester that students give up shall be counted as part of the total attendance years.

1)If students week to get a re-admission after they were dismissed or voluntarily withdrawn, they are allowed to gain a re-admission through due process only when there are vacancies in relevant departments.

In case of students who were dismissed because of the expiration of their attendance years or of disciplinary punishment under the Article 77 of the KWU Rules and Regulations

2)Qualified candidates for re-admission

  • (1)Students who were dismissed or voluntarily withdrawn: after 2 semesters (12 months) from the dismissal.
  • (2)Students who don’t exceed one re-admission.

3)Procedure (International students must contact the International Exchange Office first.)

  • (1)Application period: a separate announcement (to be announced during July and January every year.)
  • (2)Documents: application form for readmission and GPA
  • (3)Where: Student Service Center, Education Support Team, Office of Planning


  • -Students must pay tuition and enroll classes within a fixed registration period.
  • -Students will be automatically dismissed if they fail to register within a fixed time framework.