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Institute of Glocal Cultural Industries: IGCI

The Institute of Glocal Cultural Industries (IGCI) conducts research on cultures, culture-related industries and cultural policies representing global as well as local phenomena with more focus on Northeast Asia.

The institute pursues as follows:

Leading Center for Modern Culture Research
The IGCI aims at laying the foundation for leading studies on glocalization, border-crossing, convergence and hybridization in cultures in the increasingly globalized world and for promoting their application to relevant industries.

Knowledge Powerhouse for the Studies on Cultural Industries
The IGCI is designed to take the initiative in theological development in studies on cultural industries and to make a contribution to establishing national policies of cultural industries by collecting and analyzing data of internal and external cultural industry trends and policies.

Idea Bank Leading to the Development of Cultural Contents
The IGCI is dedicated to developing cultural contents which is truly glocal both in universality and uniqueness by conducting basic research on history, literature, arts, pop culture and living culture around the world with a focus on Northeast Asia.