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Green IT Convergence Research Center

This research center conducts research on core technologies of sustainable wireless sensor network platform. The center prioritizes environmental and life-health monitoring as a critical research task to keep our environment green and prepare for the aging society in the future. To this end, the center is dedicated to research and development of source technology for a self-sustaining ubiquitous sensor network platform which is power-free and environment-friendly.

The very relevant technologies are applicable to a wide range of areas such as:
- Monitoring and assessment of green environment,
- Water and air quality improvement system,
- Safety and security diagnosis system,
- Ubiquitous and mobile healthcare, and
- Logistics tracking system for futuristic primary industry.

The center has mainly three research groups. The first group explores bio and environmental sensor technologies; specifically, electronic nose, multi-detection biochip, nanowire-based virus diagnosis, and various chemical/optical/piezoelectric sensors.

The second group does research on light-weight communication methods with high energy efficiency, miniaturized model technologies, ultra-low power RF circuit technologies and sensor interface circuit technologies, which leads to low power circuits and systems.

The third group studies on power-free platform implementation. To this end, researchers are working on technologies such as sustainable energy harvesting devices, low-loss energy transformation, integration/packaging, integrated antenna and beam-forming.

The research center sets the stage for interdisciplinary studies and research as well as a genuine forum through active participation by professors from various academic disciplines including chemistry, materials, semiconductor, radio, communication, signal process and others.