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Today, our society sees the various requests for better life emerge and increase. Of them, noteworthy are the welfare demands associated with the drastic changes in social values and population structure, which makes it more important to treat the people concerned psychologically. At the same time, there are increases in diverse administrative demands to solve such welfare problems. Such current and latent demands of our society require very specialized and systematic solutions. Our Graduate School will take the lead in our nation and society by producing the manpower with professional spirit and knowledge in the fields of elderly welfare, counseling and elderly management and administration. We invite the persons interested in the intellectual learning and practical exchange in social welfare, counseling and administration.

The Graduate School of Counseling, Welfare & Policy fosters the professional manpower necessary for enhancing the values of life by meeting the current and latent welfare demands of our society. Especially, our Graduate School specializes in social welfare and counseling treatment, continuing to settle the overall administrative policy problems and systems and to meet the newly emerging educational demands in the administrative field. It offers the best educational opportunities to the experts at administrative, social welfare and counseling organizations as well as those who intend to obtain the licenses for social welfare, counseling and administrative management newly.



Department of Counseling Psychotherpy, Department of Social Welfare, Department of  Public Policy Management