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The Graduate School of Education aims to be the center for both teacher training and life-long education for the public. The graduate school puts its first priority on producing competent and creative educational professionals based on such principles as specialization, informatization, globalization of education. The graduate school provides two programs; the Master's of Education (M.Ed) program (night-time) and the professional counselor program (summer &winter).

The graduate school was built to accomplish the retraining and professional training of those currently in the teaching profession, and has the educational purpose of promoting the education profession by providing students with the creative qualities and personalities to lead in the 21st century's creative knowledge-based society.
For this, a variety of methods are introduced and, through practical application that leads to academic accomplishment, contributes to the professionalism, practice, science, globalization, and unity of education.
This graduate program offers master's courses in the evening in Mathematics Education, Counseling Psychology, TESOL, Counseling Psychology, Parental Education, Lifelong Multi-Cultural Education,(Disabled) Integrated Education ,Physical Education, Multimedia Education, Psychotherapy Education, Special Education . And we also provide practicing middle-high school teachers with a seasonal courses for professional counseling.
Kwangwoon graduate school is based on the principles of the Kwangwoon Foundation; industrious, economic, and practical research within the basic ideology of a democratic education, and aims at educating whole professionals that can develop the nation andhumanity through the adaptation of the profound knowledge required in the ultra information age.



Mathematics Education, Counseling Psychology, Early Childhool English Education(TESOL), Coaching Psychology, Parental Education, Lifelong Education, Inclusive Education for Children with Special Needs, Wellbeing Sports Education, Digital Media Teaching & Learning, Psychotherapy Education, Special EEducation