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With the advances in 21th century digital technology, the fusion of IT and CT(Cultural Technology) is an academic field necessary for successfully leading the digital media and cultural industries in rapidly-changing times.

Creating future high-value added businesses based in fused technology that satisfies a variety of consumer desires for content and technology is the path to increased competitiveness.

To advance as a nation with cultural power, the most vital requirement is professional manpower. The goal of our graduate is to offer practice-based education to produce professional manpower for genuine leadership in the cultural-technical IT field.

Our school offers a faculty specializing in various academic fields such as games, video, 3D content, holograms, technical writing, aviation and sports, and an optimal teaching and learning environment. With equal attention given to both theory and practice, our programs are designed to develop active and creative professional technical manpower to become the backbone of 21st century national infrastructure.

Together with you, we strive to lay a foundation for developing an information contents industry, both in name and reality.


- Deparment of Games

Researcher in mobile communication businesses (Samsung, LG, SK etc.), technologies in general and business operation, venture enterprises, governmental and educational officials, broadcast company employee, patent lawyer and consultant.

Game planning and direction in (educational) game developing companies, expert in game production, analysis and marketing, teaching and learning media manufacturers, teaching and learning centers and teaching media institutes in schools and game developing business

- Major in Media Imaging Contents
Ground wave TV, satellite and cable broadcast, cinema, animation, 3D and visual production, advertising CF, publicity and exhibition visual contents production

- Major in E-Learning Contents
E-Learning companies, e-learning research centers in universities, teaching media manufacturing centers for cyber universities etc., government and e-learning research institutions and organizations and e-learning business start-up