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“ We foster the specialized professionals who will lead the global age of competition in the 21st century”
I welcome your visit to the homepage of Graduate School of Business Administration, Kwangwoon University. We, Graduate School of Business Administration, were established in 1988 to foster the professional business managers who will lead corporate management successfully and contribute to social development by offering the scientific knowledge and reasonable methods on business administration and cultivating creative capabilities on the basis of the founding spirit of Kwangwoon University.
Various Majors and Curricular Programs
We, consisting of the Departments of Business Administration, Real Estates and Service Management, have a four-semester system and Korea’s top-ranking professors. The Department of Business Administration is composed of business management and information media management. The Department of Real Estates is composed of real estate management and real estate development finance. The Department of Service Management is composed of service management and tourism management.
In addition, we operate the Programs for Top Managers and Golfing. The Program for Top Managers is operated according to the IBSP Training Program of Mississippi Sate University
Field-Oriented Specialized Lecture
To share and cultivate the expertise on businesses and the new knowledge for the global management age, we offer students the field-oriented lectures characterized by harmony between theory and practice with Korea’s top-level experts invited as adjunct professors. Further, we endeavor to foster the specialized talents that will lead the global age of the 21st century by holding diverse seminars, operating industrial-academic cooperation programs and developing the win-win strategies to enhance mutual competitiveness.
Exchange Student Program
Having set up sisterhood relationship with Mississippi State University in 1990, we operate the one-year Exchange Student Program to foster the specialized talents who will cope with the global era.

We, Graduate School of Business Administration, invite you to a greater world.

Thank you.

Around the glove, stress is put on service and customers in corporate management with the advent of the age of unlimited competition by drastic internationalization and consolidation of economic blocs. Especially, the service part takes the initiative in corporate development. The paradigm of industry is also drastically transformed from manufacturing to service. Accordingly, it is regarded as a very important task to enhance the level of corporate service management in terms of international competitiveness with the great increase in importance of service in Korea.
The service business accounts for 49% of 14 businesses, including wholesale and retail, lodging, restaurant, transport, communication, financial insurance, educational service and social services (law and accounting) and 60% of the GDP. This makes it urgent to secure competitiveness by enhancing the productivity of service business. We should enhance the efficiency and competitiveness of the service business in defiance to the future consolidation of international blocs, such as the FTA.
It is expected that the demand for service will increase continuously with the informatization and globalization of industry and the diversification of consumer needs. The Department is aimed to foster the high-level service experts and managers who can cope with such change dynamically and thus help service businesses rationalize management efficiently and maximize customer satisfaction.