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The globalization in the field of real estate is being intensified with the opening of real estate market in response to the change of social and economic paradigms, and the integration of the spot market and capital market is also in progress.
The demand for construction of various new cities such as innovative city and corporate city, new towns, industrial bases, housing development and houses is rapidly increasing in major cities of the nation according to a balanced regional development strategy in our country.
With such domestic and foreign paradigms and the trend change as described above, real estate field has become a blue ocean in which social interests and quantitative and qualitative demands continue to grow and one of the most representative professional domains of the knowledge industry of the 21st century.
The curriculum of the Department of Urban Planning & Real Estate is linked to the Departments of Administration, Law, Management and Engineering, etc. that are closely associated with the real estate field. Furthermore, the department is now well prepared to cultivate top-level real estate specialists, and is producing leading research & professional manpower through an integrated program with related academic areas.

1. Training network-based global talents leading the era of Globalization
2. Creation of a blue ocean & realization of social volunteer and contribution based on expertise and ethics
3. Operation of multidisciplinary professional educational programs linking master’s•& doctoral courses
4. Producing top-notch specialists tailored to meet the needs of the public and private sector
5. Cultivating practical professional research manpower based on education ideology of Silsagusi(Quest for Truth based on Facts)
6. Bringing differential superiority and identity to the future real estate-related department with competitive-edge over other universities
7. Positioning as leading prestigious university focused on practicalities and research in real estate-related field

Fostering leaders of originality and creativity in this knowledge and information society and in the era of globalization
1. Developing profound academic knowledge and its application vital in the highly industrialized society and the information age
2. Fostering creative professionals capable of contributing to the development of our country and mankind
3. Producing knowledgeable leaders capable of identifying and solving problems based on right understanding of the world and local communities