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The academic root of Kwangwoon University dated back to 1934 when “Chosun Wireless Training Center” was established, the first radio-related educational organization in Korea. The Department of Radio Science and Engineering is one of the best departments which have the most renowned faculty members in Korean. The department has produced numerous young talents in the areas of RF and electronic waves, antennas as well as mobile and satellite communications.
With its massive investments in an electronic wave communication, Kwangwoon University now stands firm as one of the most recognized education bodies specialized in radio science and engineering. In particular, the RFIC Center was designated as ITRC center by Ministry of Information and Communications. The RFIC Center has built the best research facilities and infrastructure and takes a lead in the relevant realms through various activities including exhibiting its RF-related inventions both home and abroad.
The Department was selected as one of the core academic areas in the government-led Brain Korea 21 Project for nurturing experts in radio science and engineering. It was able to improve and extended its experimental facilities and equipment but also provide scholarship to more students with governmental subsidies of 500 million won awarded to a selected University for the “Project to Strengthen Radio Science Education” from 2002 through 2004. The Department joined in an MIC-supported NEXT Project which was designed to enhance competitive edge in IT area. During the 4-year NEXT Project period, the Department laid a firm foundation for doing research, internship programs and educational material development. The Department is stepping up its efforts to lead radio-science research areas by keeping its research facilities and infrastructure modernized and extended.
As the importance of the role and functions in radio science is growing to meet the needs in electronic communication along with continuous development in ICT industry, the Department of Radio Science and Engineering has the best faculty members consisting of 13 professors, 1 visiting professor and 2 adjunct professors in order to nurture best young experts in radio-science engineering area.