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The Department of Public Administration aims at nurturing creative young talents who are able to put into practice what is right and what should be done, which our society needs in the midst of information, globalization and decentralization.
Under such ultimate educational goal, the department is designed to help students actively respond to social changes as well as have profound knowledge and expertise in relevant fields. In particular, the department takes the advantage of Kwangwoon University’s best information technology facilities so as to help students to become able civil servants who are able to enhance their application ability in an information society.
In addition, the department provides retraining programs to able management-level civil officials in various governmental agencies as well as produces best qualified scholars working as professors and instructors at domestic university.
The department has been making contributions to solving public problems and to enhancing administration quality through its voluntary researches. It is also dedicated to serving the society through voluntary counseling services to public institutions and community residents.

Objective of Education is to nurture creative young talents that our society needs in the era of information, globalization and decentralization

Pragmatism : Retraining for middle-aged management-level civil servants.
Creativity : Nurturing scholars
Expertise : Administrators with application ability to deal with highly-informatized society.