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Department of Defense Business has been established as an interdisciplinary cooperation program including five other departments such as Computer Science, Management Information System, Information and Control Engineering, Radio Wave Engineering, and Business Administration since the second semester of 2007 academic year. Based on the new Defense Acquisition Program Act which was enacted in January 2006, Defense Acquisition Program Administration was founded in the same month. The Administration integrated tasks such as defense capacity improvement project, nurturing defense industry and developing defense science and technology. Defense Business utilizes high-end technology and requires large-scale budget, therefore, it urgently needs an academic system in order to promote scientific and efficient projects. For this reason, Master's and Doctoral courses of Defense Business Department were introduced. These courses will promote the academic development of IT area in the national defense, improve the University's image internally and externally, and finally increase the opportunities for scholars of the University to participate in defense projects.

As information-based military innovation has become a major issue in the 21st century's military-defense area and most of the military tasks are increasingly combining with IT-based advanced technology, it is now essential to nurture capable human resources.

The purpose of the Department is to establish an organized academic system which integrates procedures of national defense business, methodology and core technology, and at the same time, to cultivate excellent professionals for the development of national defense business policy and technology.