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Korea is now faced with the tough challenges of having to foster legal experts and develop the legal systems as the country fast moves away from an industrial society with the scope of legal fields expanded to encompass all areas of society. On the other hand, legal methodologies are becoming more specialized and scientific as the society enters into the post industrial phase. However these changes demand more sophisticated legal fields that could analyze, control and predict individual social phenomenon. Thus, the department of law at Kwangwoon University offers various master's and doctorate programs with the goal of fostering legal experts and teaching professionals. The students enrolling in these programs can further build on their undergraduate studies by acquiring professional knowledge in the respective field and learn mutual as well as interchangeable relationships among various disciplines in law. The department offers the courses in basic law, constitutional law, administrative law, civil law, corporate law, criminal law, litigation law, international law and social law. In turn, the students are given opportunities to enroll in a wide range of courses for the purposes of advancing their legal expertise and further building on the foundation to become legal experts and teaching professionals.