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Department of Korean Language and Literature, which was established on October 1987 when Kwangwoon College was elevated to the status of a university, made a new leap forward with the addition of graduate school on March 1992. Five students entered the graduate school in 1992 for the first time. Since then, the Department has become a leading department in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences thanks to the excellent curriculum and enthusiasm for academic research which was generated from the close bonds between the faculty and students.
The graduates of the Department are capable of working at a variety of areas and they can work for many fields that they want. In fact, the graduates have been playing an important role in various sectors of the society and the number of students who enter the graduate school is increasing every year.
Based on the philosophy of the Kwangwoon Foundation and the goal and aim of education of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, the primary purpose of the Department is to help students study our language and literature as a research object and to nurture talents who can foster our national spirit and contribute to its globalization. At the same time, the Department makes an effort in order to raise many scholars in related areas such as Classical Literature, Contemporary Literature and Korean Linguistics and to produce literary people. Furthermore, the Department provides private tutoring to many foreign students who have a great interest in Korean and it has become a center for the education of Korean language as a foreign language.

To nurture professional scholars in the field of Korean Language and Literature and to cultivate creative and practical talents

Practicality : Nurturing talents who have capabilities to apply strengths of IT field to Korean Language and Literature
Creativity : Cultivating talents who are willing to explore new areas of Korean Language and Literature
Professionalism : Training talents who can research three traditional fields of Korean Language and Literature

The graduates of Department of Korean Language and Literature are working in a variety of fields. A considerable number of graduates continue to study on the doctoral level and teach students in this university or other universities around the nation. Of course, there are many graduates who work for publishing companies or the press and some of them continue to write poetry or novels. Most foreign students such as Chinese graduates come back to their home country after they obtain their Master's degree and teach Korean in their alma maters.