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The world has witnessed an acceleration of borderless and limitless competition and rapid changes in the markets thanks to the globalization, liberalization, informatization and convergence. Therefore, we are required to come up with new growth strategies and to succeed in international trade deals.
The Department of International Trade focuses on internal and external economy, environments, institutions, trade practices and trade information. Educational goal of the Department is to nurture professionals who are equipped with both theories of international economy and working knowledge.
Major courses are composed of trade theory and policy, international trade, international balance of payments, foreign currency and international finance, international management, trade practices, international logistics, international e-business and electronic trade, and area studies.

Graduates of the Department enter a variety of research and educational fields such as trade-related policy institutes, public sectors, civil servants and corporations. Recently, some of them are working for retailers, dot-com enterprises and other service companies in line with spreading globalization of information-communication and service industries.
Many graduates have found a job at research centers, trading companies and foreign companies in their field of expertise as well as a number of them have established their own business based on their working experience and have succeed in the international market.
Graduates usually enter these following areas:
- Trade-related policy agency, public sectors and civil servants
- Trade-related corporations, foreign- invested firms and foreign local branches
- Trade-related national research center, corporate R&D center, professors, economic experts working for the press
- Customs house broker, foreign exchange manager, logistics manager, tax accountant, distribution manager, trade English expert, international trader and patent agent