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Department of Plasma Bioscience and Display was established in 2005 as a collaborative course of 5 departments including Department of Electrical and Biological Physics, Department of Electronic Materials Engineering, Department of Chemistry, Department of Electronic Engineering and Department of Chemical Engineering. The field of Plasma Bioscience and Display needs to develop core technologies and cultivate professional manpower as a comprehensive study based on a variety of disciplines such as physics, chemistry, electronics, materials, and biotechnology. An interdisciplinary collaborative research course of the Department of Plasma Bioscience and Display of Kwangwoon University has centered on systematic training for qualified human resources based on the existing research base. The goal of the Department is cultivating manpower required in plasma bio & display industry which will serve as the backbone of a national industry. Based on the accumulated research results, department provide customized curriculum and more specialized education that meets the demands of industry. Department provides intensive research training in specific areas based on knowledge of the various fields of plasma bioscience and display. Also, students have research experience to participate in the laboratory of a supervisor in the first semester after admission. Students can enter a wide range of display-related industries or biotechnology laboratories after graduation.


    The purpose of the Department of Plasma Bioscience and Display is cultivating "Competitive Plasma Display Professionals" who have the ability to perform unique research and to take the lead in the information society through research of profound theory and experiment over the various fields of bio-plasma display. Students prepare the ground for a systematic and creative research basis by learning the basic concept and academic knowledge related to the bio-plasma display, the comprehensive modern technology. To have the work-related skills and to equip the practical sense of competitiveness after graduation, students perform the studies centered on field sites and conduct training associated with the plasma bio-related organizations and institutes.