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Industry Psychology applies psychological knowledge to organizations and makes a scientific analysis of problems in industries. It is also dubbed as Industrial and Organizational Psychology.
Organizations or groups are integral part in modern society. As Korean society has been mature and growing, it is unimaginable any organization to expect its growth and development when employees are under-evaluated or their requests and expectations are not satisfied.
Industrial Psychology is do research and find best ways in make the most of human resources in an academic way. It has two main pillars: personnel psychology and organizational psychology. The first mostly deals with “personnel hiring,” “industrial education,” “evaluation,” and “personnel management” and the latter deals with human behavior in an organization and organizational change and adaptation.
Consumer psychology and advertisement psychology do research on consumer behavior so as to develop appropriate advertisement strategies. Cognitive psychology is about human cognitive functions (attention, study, memory, language, decision-making and problem solving). Engineering Psychology applies sensor psychology to industrial workplace, design areas and design of artificial manufactures. Consulting psychology presents course for consultation theories and techniques for nurturing consultants with expertise.

Since Industrial Psychology is an academic area that applies psychological knowledge to industry worksites, graduates with relevant majors are able to build their career in various parts of companies. The most relevant is HR Department which makes an efficient management of human resources and Training and Education Department. Product development part is another relevant area which requires thorough understanding of consumers’ needs and desires.
Marketing and PR are also the areas that show a high demand for the graduates with Industrial Psychology majors. Students with counseling majors are able to work at a counseling center or research center. Graduates who completed a specialized counselor course are able to teach at middle or high school as a counselor and work at counseling organizations, research institutes and consulting companies.