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With advances in ubiquitous computing, digital convergence, mobile intelligence and other related technologies, the success of products in the IT industry today is heavily dependent on software technology. In particular, IT convergence technology is considered more important than ever since the competitiveness of imbedded software decides the value and success of IT-related products.
Against this backdrop, the department was founded with a goal to provide SW resources who have knowledge and practical skills customized for a relevant worksite and ultimately create value chains in domestic imbedded software industry. To this end, the department provides students with 100% tuition waiver, monthly grants, and overseas training opportunity. It further guarantees 100% employment after graduation.

- Development of core imbedded products with global competitiveness.
- Development and sharing a future-oriented imbedded software
- Building an industry-academia cooperative/ customized/ integrated infrastructure
- Widening a resource pool of imbedded software for sustainable development

The Department of Imbedded SW Engineering was established to nurture creative experts who are able to meet the needs of industries and to lead the next-generation imbedded software technology. More specifically, the department aims at:
- creating a pool of human resources who have ability and skills to make the best use of imbedded software technology for sustainable development;
- building an industry-academia cooperative/ customized/integrated infrastructure;
- developing core imbedded SW products with global competitive edge; and
- advancing and sharing future-oriented imbedded SW technology

2008.5 Graduate School of Kwangwoon University was designated as the lead institution for SW Master Course.
2008.6 Signed an agreement with Korea Software Promotion Institute
2008.6~9 Recruited and selected new students for 2008 fall semester. (13 students gained admission.)
2008.9~12 Opened 2008 fall semester.
2008.10 Held an orientation for new students in 2008 academic year.
2008.10~12 Recruited and selected new students for 2009 academic year. (22 students)
2009.2 Held an orientation for new students in 2009 academic year.
2009.6~8 Launched a student internship program with companies under the 2009 summer
session internship program contract.
2009.8 Carried out overseas academic training program for the best and qualified students.
2009.10~12 Recruited and selected new students for 2010 academic year. (14 students)
2010.2 Held a 2010 industry-academic cooperation workshop and an orientation.
2010.1~2 Provided a student internship program with companies under the 2009 winter
session internship program contract.