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In this environmental engineering, the aim includes economic development, protection of earth environment and improvement of welfare using scientific technique to solve earth environmental problem. Most of the business of environmental engineering are financially large-scale and largely affects the environment, society and economy.
Environmental engineering offers objective and fundamental standard of judgment about decision-making process of public policy. Program of environmental engineering focuses on the latest science and technology, engineering system, environmental management, organization and so on. Latest science and technology focuses on water management, waste and the air related cost-benefit analysis, computer information, risk assessment and optimization of environmental management. It suggests a standard about application of environmental effects evaluation and direction of the industrial structure in terms of environmental management, organization and operation.
To train professional who are able to understand and resolve environmental problems, this graduate school sets various curriculum to help you learn basic knowledge about physical, chemical, biological reaction and engineering knowledge.
The department of water pollution, waste pollution, air pollution, soil pollution, environmental system, environmental equipment are opened, and they are operated in a complementary way. Such departments are operating independent laboratory under the guidance of major professors, and such laboratory have various advanced equipments. We are making efforts to foster talented people who are able to develop environmental technology. Recently, we push forward a business about environmental talented people supported by ET educational innovation programs and expect that they will play a role in the environmental industry.