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In an era of globalization, English is recognized as the most essential language by people working in all aspects of the society. In this respect, an in-depth understanding of English speaking culture and intensified English language training are also required. As an effort to keep up with the trend and demand of the society, the department of English literature aims to promote a deeper understanding and knowledge of English through academical studies of English literature and linguistics as well as practical English speaking skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing). By offering linguistic courses to enhance students' fundamental understanding and theoretical knowledge of English and English literature courses to establish a philosophy of literature and human relationship along with nurturing thinking abilities, creativity and imagination of students, the department of English aims to offer a whole-rounded education that will help students establish a comprehensive vision about a life through a greater understanding of English literature. The graduate courses in English literature offer classes in phonology, syntax, semantics, applied linguistics and language teaching methodology for linguistics and in poetry, novels, drama, and critics of different periods from the Renaissance to the modern times for literature. The department strives to nurture experts in the fields through in-depth instruction from professors with expertise in their majors.