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Department of computer science, with a long history of 30 years, has been fostering human talents in the information society through basic theory, application and practice associated with computer science. Furthermore, department of computer science has recently supplemented various cutting-edge equipments for multimedia practice, thereby making it possible for undergraduate and postgraduate students to do multimedia programming and title production. Equipments furnished in each laboratory are state-of-the-art ones that paved the way for various researches, and multiple academic conferences symposiums and seminars take place showing active progress in research activities. And also the department is striving to cultivate human talents by establishing cooperative network with many industrial body, institute and research center.

In today's world where the importance of study on information technology, which constitutes the foundation of information society, is increasing, department of computer science at graduate school aims to nurture experts in various fields of computer science who can positively contribute to the development of computer science technology based upon the base knowledge in computer science field and lead the research and development of new practical technology with creative way of thinking.

1. Nurturing of creative researchers : We aim to cultivate researchers capable of solving academic and technical problems in the field of computer science in a creative way.
2. Nurturing of practical technical experts : We aim to foster technical experts with an ability to do practical research and development that can solve problems that exist in the real world.

1971 Newly established as Department of Electronic Computation
1980 Established master's course
1982 Established doctorate course
1998 Changing of name to Department of Computer Science