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As a leading department of high technology in Kwangwoon University, the Department of Electronic Communication Engineering is aiming at cultivating essential manpower required for infrastructure construction of national information communication by educating, researching and developing the core technology of electronic communication area.
Electronic communication industry which is covering interchange, transmission, digital signal processing, system software, etc. is the key part of information communication industry and also the compilation of high-tech engineering that will lead future industry of Korea. This area especially characterized by great technology intensity and rapid technological innovation, is also leading industrial development of whole country through technological convergence with other industries.
In this department, we emphasize the importance of rational and future oriented thinking which is suitable for this era of globalization and informatization, alongside the education of professional skill. To achieve this, we carry out balanced composition of theory and design courses, compulsory field-friendly study, construction of computer simulation and design environment, expansion of project-based intensive education for development of creative technology, and so on. In graduation school of this department, we conduct researches on computer system, next-generation internet, computer network, wired and wireless communication system, audio and video signal processing, optical communication, integrated circuit design, etc.
Thirteen full-time professors, approximately a hundred undergraduate students at each grade, and about forty graduate students are dedicating themselves to studies and researches. The graduates are entering various fields of industry such as major companies, national institutes, government ministries and their affiliated organizations, small and medium businesses and venture companies in the fields of electronics and computer, broadcasting and media organizations, governmental investment organizations, etc. and faithfully performing their roles as technological leaders of each area. Especially, this department provides opportunities to develop practical sense of the field for students, through close cooperative researches with the aforementioned organizations to be helpful when making career choice.

1962 Department of Electronic Engineering(day), Department of Wireless Communication(day) established in
undergraduate school
1963 Department of Communication Engineering(day/night) founded in undergraduate school
1978 Department of Communication Engineering in undergraduate school renamed as Department of Electronic
Communication Engineering
1979 With official approval to establish graduate school, master’s course of Electronic Communication
Engineering launched
1982 Doctoral course of Electronic Communication Engineering in graduate school launched

- Speech /Speaker recognition
- Audio (multimedia)signal processing
- Wireless communication signal processing
- DSP chip design
- Embedded H/W, S/W development researcher
- SoC design researcher
- Wireless communication Protocol S/W developer
- Embedded System and H/W developer
- Image Processing H/W developer
- Image Processing S/W developer
- Mobile communication developer
- Open service platform development researcher
- Wireless/Mobile communication terminal H/W and S/W development researcher
- Wireless/Mobile communication system H/W and S/W development researcher
- Mobile communication service business
- Technology planning and Technology sales
- Public official in technical post/ patent agent
- RFIC design researcher
- Semiconductor device design researcher
- Communication technology development researcher in national/public research institutes and companies
- Streaming system design/development researcher
- Development researcher of QoS support technology in sensor network
- Memory design researcher
- Digital/ Analog circuit design researcher
- Researcher in Companies and national/ public research institutes
- Researcher in optical communication system area
- Research & Development of WDM-PON field
- Research & Development of optical fiber and optical communication components