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Electronic materials engineering is a learning to study all materials associated to electricity and electron fields and is to train industrial talented people with fundamental knowledge about electronic components and creative thinking abilities by organically combining each field ranging design of electronic components, development of materials and assessment of electronics.
This department is equipped with various apparatus and materials for material research along with 9 professors and takes the foremost place in department of electronic materials engineering all over the country. Currently, professors of this major perform a variety of research fields such as semiconductor materials of compound semiconductor and amorphous semiconductor including silicon semiconductor, semiconductor elements using them, dielectric materials and microwave materials and its elements, film interconnection materials, magnetic head materials and magnetic memory, integrated circuit design and test. Electronic materials engineering is a promising learning to broadly explore diverse learning fields such as material engineering and electronic engineering, and research of new electronic elements should be a priority in high-speed direct machining age, thus has higher possibility of development than other majors.
Meeting the needs of the times requiring high-class workers with general knowledge about semiconductor and new materials, which are foundations of electrical and electronic fields, the department of electronic materials engineering aims to improve abilities of students, who will contribute to electrical and electronics and new materials of semiconductor by mastering practical knowledge out of existing education to infuse theoretical knowledge and to train independent and professional engineers with wide professional knowledge and practical abilities of electronic materials to understand high-tech technical information, future technology and research trend.
The department of electronic materials engineering introduced certification standards of Accreditation Board for Engineering Education of Korea(ABEEK) in order to manage these programs and organizes curriculum for graduates to achieve goals as below.