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Electric engineering is an academic area studying electric energy, an integral part of human life and modern industry. This academic discipline covers electric source, high voltage, electric electron, electric equipment and facilities, electric appliance, electric power system engineering, signal process and system, and control micro processor application. It also plays a central role in the advance in electricity-related areas as well as electric engineering with striking the balance between theoretic knowledge and practical technology.

Based on theoretical knowledge and practical technology acquired during the previous courses, students conduct a wide variety of experiments and researches in laboratories equipped with high-tech facilities. This course aims at providing extensive theoretical and practical education from utilizing existing methods obtained from basic science such as mathematics and physics to practical knowledge applicable to industry worksites

1. Build a future-oriented application capability based on knowledge and academia that leads the information era.
2. Nurture creative experts who are able to conduct their duties at industry worksite by utilizing both academic knowledge and practical field skills.
3. Create leaders who are able to find and solve problems through right way of thinking.

1972.3.2 Electric engineering department was newly established.
1980.11.3 Master course was launched
1983.10.29 doctorate course was established.