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As heinous crimes continue to happen these days and social responses toward those crimes are drawing more attention rather than legal action, the number of students and ordinary people who have interest in criminology is increasing rapidly. There is a high demand for learning criminology but less opportunities for obtaining academic degree and courses. The Department of Criminology at Kwangwoon University Graduate School aims to provide academic infrastructure to the executives and supply high-quality education with systematic research staff and faculty through industrial-educational cooperation with Criminal Investigation Command, National Police Agency, Supreme Prosecutors' Office and Supreme Court of Korea.

With growing public interest in Criminology, Criminal Justice, Criminal Science and Criminal Psychology, the Department was established with the goal of nurturing excellent criminology researchers, analysts and the faculty. Through this, the Department aims to develop criminal justice policy and conduct various academic researches which help to reduce social cost of crime.
Criminology is an essential and basic academic subject in order to secure independent investigation authority of Police and to establish trial-priority principle in criminal procedure of Prosecutors' Office.
The Department of Criminology is providing a wide range of Criminology-related courses to cultivate criminology experts with expertise and skills. At the same time, the Department focuses on training the teaching staff for the Department of Police Administration, Police Science, Security Services, Correction and Criminal Investigation of the entire country.

Graduates of the Department enter a variety of fields including important national organizations. Some of them continue on their academic careers and teach at universities around the nation or work for law enforcement agencies. In addition, many graduates find a job at research institutes, counseling centers or government affiliated organizations.