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Kwangwoon University Graduate School of Chemistry has 9 professors, 20 students in master’s program, 5 in doctoral and 1 research professor producing 150 masters and doctors of science by 2009 since accepted the first student for master’s program in 1992 and doctoral in 1993 with accreditation of Ministry of Education in October, 1991. With more than 3 SCI manuscripts per faculty member, professors of Kwangwoon are more actively involved in research activities than any other universities in Korea. Chemistry of Kwangwoon produced superior experts of chemistry supporting graduate students’ research by acquiring BK21 in 1999 (Chemical Sensor team) and 2003. Furthermore, prof. Cha, Guen Shik, Nam, Hak Hyun, Kim, Byung Ho and a group of students in master and doctoral programs founded i-SENS in 2000, a successful venture company developing and manufacturing wide range of bio sensors. Through 9 year of remarkable growth, the firm has grown to serve as a model for business academia cooperation in the chemical industry with 250 employees.

Science Professionals with balanced knowledge in both basic and applied science

1. Practicality : Professionals knowledgeable in both basic theories and scientific technologies
2. Creativity : professionals with the power of execution
3. Expertise : Professionals for democratic scientific industry

Most students are working in the chemical industry for companies including Cheil Industries, LG Display, Chong Kun Dang Pharm. with almost 100% employment rate. Students who aspire to pursue further education are dreaming of a better future through doctoral or postdoctoral programs at Iowa state University, North Carolina State University and Michigan State University and etc.