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The department is focused on fostering global-minded intellectuals capable of creative development who can represent the truth and learning by providing holistic professional education based on diligence, frugality and the spirit of inquiry and practice. In preparing for the 21C advanced chemical engineering, studies on the basic theories and practical measures in various areas of chemical engineering will be offered so that students can have broad choices for future career befitting their aptitude. As new studies come pouring out, Chemical Engineering of KW has established balanced departments in order to keep pace with the fast changing environment so that students are qualified to work for companies, research or educational institutions of chemical engineering. Our department is also focusing on developing talents adaptable to demands of the time by establishing comprehensive educational system related to the next generation growth engine such as nano and bio technology.
- Reaction Engineering Lab : Study on engineering handling considering the effect of physical processes such as flow, thermal characteristics, diffusion of materials in chemical reaction and manipulation, interpretation of devices and its development in abnormal system reaction or engineering study of processes combining chemical devices or reaction devices
- Process System Lab : Study on the Process Optimization essential to maximize profit and Process Safety to resolve accident driven loss of lives and property and environment problems by maintaining optimal conditions for the operation of chemical process and energy facility
- Polymer Material Lab : Study on organic-inorganic hybrid materials to maximize material property and new materials to lead the future across all industries
- Transport Phenomena Lab : Three-dimensional interpretation of transport phenomena using Computational Fluid Dynamics and study on MicroFluidics of micro system
- Clean Engineering Lab : Enhancement of environment friendliness and physical property of medicine, cosmetics and adhesives using biomedical polysaccharide
- Bio Engineering Lab : Maximization of study and technology development searching for the use of biogenetic resources acquired through Whiet Biotechnology to secure industrial technologies in a short period of time
- Biochemical Engineering Lab : Understanding on bio products based on biochemistry, microbiology, genetic engineering and fermentation engineering
- Environment-friendly Nanomaterials Lab: Development of environment friendly nanomaterials and sensors and study on the hazardousness for the integration of Nano Technology(NT) and Environment Technology(ET) to satisfy the needs for both scientific development and safe environment for human beings

Entering the era of heavy chemical engineering, Chemical engineering as a foundation of modern industry is expanding with the introduction of new knowledge and technology development. The source of basic material for key industries includes petrochemical and its affiliated industry, textile industry, pulp and paper industry, fertilizer industry, plastic, rubber, dye, leather and fermentation. There are numerous opportunities in the fields of chemical engineering including energy industry, oil refinery, synthetic textile, polymer product, oil and fat, pulp and paper, diverse oil, surfactant industry, electrochemistry as well as manufacturing process of chemical products of everyday use. Recently the demand is expanding into chemical engineering, chemical equipment industry, semiconductor and new material industry.
-Process engineer in chemical plant, plant engineering and semiconductor process and safety consulting and research fellow at safety related public enterprise
- engage in research activities at polymer material related firms(adhesive, paint, tire etc.) and experiment research institute or work in the fields of plastic, textile etc.
- Industries of food, energy, precision chemical engineering, medicine and environmental industry and research institutes
- energy institute involved in new renewable energy development by engaging in research activities in energy based industry after joining chemical plant or oil refinery which require clarification on transport phenomena spread throughout the chemical industry
- Nano material/nano sensor related research institute affiliated with corporations or a research fellow at an institute of environmental research