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Architecture has been required as one of the fundamental factors of human life. From a mud hut of the primitive times to grand and graceful ruins of ancient times, a variety of architectural techniques were used. Architecture has been constantly diversified and specialized with the progress of civilization. Architectural engineering is an academic discipline in which art and engineering are combined. The discipline includes residential buildings, exhibition facilities, performing art facilities, commercial and educational facilities, as well as planning, design, environment, structure, construction and construction management.
The major fields of the Department of Architectural Engineering are building planning and design, building structure, architectural environment and equipment, materials and construction. Through these studies, students learn how to plan and design aesthetically valuable constructions, research into behavior of structure, climate factors and physical properties of construction materials and create a pleasant human environment, considering even the characteristics of nature, society and life as well as indoor sound condition and noise.
In the 21st century, demand for residental buildings, cultural centers, sports and leisure facilities, and information-based infrastructures is expected to increase as the social structure changes. In addition, the development of new areas such as high-rise buildings, underground and underwater space or outer space will be realized and the demand for remodelling of existing structures is projected to increase as well.

With the rapid development of industrial society, the standard of living has been improved and the culture has been diversified. As a result, people have required practical and artistic space for their living environment. Therefore, high-quality human resources are urgently needed to build such desirable living spaces and to develop the space harmoniously through solving all the problems-related to dwelling and inner city.
The Department's educational objectives are producing highly capable architects, who can create suitable living spaces for the fast changing modern society, build an artistically harmonized environment, and construct a future-oriented space by utilizing new materials, automation equipments, which are by-products of state-of-the-art science, and computer technology based on the specialized curriculum. Furthermore, our goal is to educate and nurture these well-trained architects in design and engineering areas.