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The Department of Korean Language and Literature was established on October 23, 1987 when Kwangwoon College acquired University status. The 23-years-old department is one of the core departments in the College of Humanities and has produced many graduates who are playing an active role in various fields.
The department is based upon, not just the philosophy of the Kwangwoon Foundation, but also the purpose and educational aims of the College of Humanities. The primary purpose is to help its students understand the Korean language and culture, foster our national spirit and cultivate national power to contribute to globalization. Furthermore, it makes every effort to raise scholars in related fields such as Classical Literature, Contemporary Literature and Korean Linguistics and to produce literati in general. Furthermore, we provide courses focused on teaching Korean as a foreign language in order to better equip Korean instructers who mainly teach foreigners.
Our department provides year-round events for its students, who show great affection for social activities. Events innclude Membership-Training, Spring Festival, Literary Field Trip and Academic Festival. The Literary Field has been held for the past 16 years, and this is not the only big event our department takes pride in. As another unique event, we hold annual get-togethers of graduates and undergraduates, which take place every December, displaying how much affection and interest they possess for their school. In addition, we manage several small groups, through which students socialize and share opinions. They even publish books containing research material studied and presented in group activities. Students who are interested in the creation of literature, such as poetry and novels, present their works through 'Youn Cheon Mun Hyang' published annually.
Our graduates are playing active roles in various fields with enthusiasm and knowledge acquired during the school days. When it comes to the major, the advantage of our department is that it is not limited to certain spheres. Therefore, students can make full play for any sphere. The creation of literature makes them find their way into publication and journalism; newspapers, broadcasting and advertisement and so forth. They are provided with a wider choice of opportunities compared to other departments.