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The College of Northeast Asia Studies is training professionals in the Northeast Asian region, which continues its dynamic development in the 21st century. The three divisions in the College of Northeast Asia Studies the Division of Northeast Asian Trade, the Division of Northeast Asian Cultural Industries, and the Division of International Studies have in-depth educational system for the major subjects in the respective divisions based on the history, culture, society, economy, etc., of the relevant areas. Furthermore, education on foreign languages as the basis for international studies is expanded by operating the “compulsory system of learning 2 foreign languages” wherein students must reach a certain level of proficiency in 2 languages (either English and Japanese or English and Chinese). Such effort will be linked to the improvement of competitiveness of students upon graduation. Through such educational system, the College of Northeast Asia Studies is fostering experts equipped with knowledge and qualifications and who are able to work actively in various areas in Northeast Asia including trading, cultural industry, and international relations.

- Major : International Regional Studies Major, Global Korea Major

Career opportunities : Korean and foreign companies, government and NGOs, international affairs department, airlines, press, diplomatic affairs, etc.