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Welcome to the College of Business Management at Kwangwoon University.
Our College was newly established in 2007 by combining the Department of Business Administration and Management Information. We aim to raise talented professionals with the ability to combine and utilize the knowledge from business administration and management information effectively, necessary skills required in the 21st century.
The College of Business is differentiated from other Colleges in the following :
First of all, we operate an individual business education certification program. This program is designed to guarantee top quality business education for our students, and to encourage them to complete at least 70 credits among the designated courses, in order to produce competent graduates.
Second, we provide premium standard internships. Students will be provided with opportunities to experience six-month long term internships at prestigious companies recommended directly by professors. A certain amount of salary will be paid to the students, training them to work under strict responsibility, and also pursuing the company and college to operate these internships under strong discipline.
Third, exchange student programs with foreign universities are available. Students are given the opportunity to study abroad for a year at main universities in China and Japan, and at University of Michigan at Flint and Mississippi State University in the US.
Fourth, we operate specialized programs unique only at our College of Business. Various programs including study groups for certification achievements, leadership educations and global challenger programs are offered actively to provide students with the opportunity to discover what they are good at and and further develop those skills.
Above all, our College displays youth, and is all the more dynamic in promoting change. Our final target is for the success rate of our graduates succeeding on a permanent job, to reach 80 percent, which is probably close to the highest levels in the country. In order to fulfill our objective, we are constantly adapting to changes, and making hard efforts to become a respected university in both Korea and overseas.