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Along with the continuous development of science technology, the industry of information communications and architecture are also rapidly expanding. This major was established in order to satisfy the increasing social demand for legal specialists who have the ability to solve newly arising legal problems, by cultivating differentiated legal professionals.
The rapid development of science technology is greatly influencing our economy, society and politics, and it is needless to say that related legal issues are consequently increasing in number. However, there is a shortage in the number of professionals who can solve these new legal issues. This department aims to produce differentiated legal professionals in this field, by focusing on balanced study of both theory and practice regarding laws related to science technology.
This department is making extra efforts to implement differentiated education regarding IT laws such as Information and Communications Law, Intellectual Property Rights Law, by offering specialized courses on principles of science technology legal policy, information communications law, electronic commerce, industrial property law, international intellectual property law, information security, cyber crime etc, and striving to form a curriculum suitable to the current era of science technology. In addition, due to the rise in architectural disputes from rapid expansion of the architecture industry, this department is also giving interest to the production of professionals educated in the specialized legal fields of construction contract law, ground construction, housing architecture law, real estate tax law, and principles of architectural dispute solution, included as additional course offerings.