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The Division of Law aims to raise leading professionals that society demands, by studying academic theories and their applications, which are required for national and social development, in relation to forming a firm foundation for the understanding of knowledge within the major field of study. At the same time, students will be required to cultivate basic knowledge by studying legal theories and systems, in order to enhance competitiveness within the global society.
Not only has the Division intensified the courses previously offered in each department's curriculum, but also enables students to develop their careers and abilities with flexibility, by providing them with the opportunity to select from a wide variety of courses due to the combination of department curriculums.
This Division is composed of General Law Major and International Legal Affairs Major, and offers curriculums which are suitable to each major. Meanwhile, students are encouraged to select their courses freely, according to their individual interests and aptitude.
General law majors study the theories and case studies regarding basic law courses, and focus on lectures required for the preparation of various national exams for the selection of legal professionals, and law school entrance. In addition, educational contents which go beyond undergraduate study are also included for those who wish to continue with deeper academic studies in the future.
The International Legal Affairs major was created to satisfy the increasing demands for global professionals in the legal field, as globalization trends are rapidly expanding, such as Korea-US FTA etc. In order to produce differentiated legal affairs professionals, the course offerings focus on the education of international contract, commerce and trade dispute settlement. 

General law majors are devoted to the basics of law, and aim to pass national exams, enter graduate school or get a job at legal firms. Previous law department courses are connected to this major and offered to current students, and courses are studied in more depth according to the student's year. Students will study law professionally, through the examination of substantial law and adjective law, and learn to solve all types of cases independently by studying how law is actually applied in judicial precedents. In addition, by studying the Legal Procedure Law, students will acquire practical skills by examining the practical skills and materials required in various cases, producing documents and training to assert and defend points of discussion regarding legal cases.
This major will be beneficial for students who wish to develop a career plan which focuses on fully utilizing the specialties as a law graduate. Modern society demands professionals who are not only buried in their specific area of specialty, but also capable of displaying differentiated abilities within a big picture. In the same perspective, the department organizes a balanced curriculum, in which students can learn a wide general range of legal studies, and simultaneously choose more specific courses which are geared to one's aptitude and personal pursuing interests.
In other words, the current system targets to intensify the courses within the curriculum, and at the same time combine the existing departments so that students will be provided with the opportunity to select easily from a wider variety of courses and pursue career development with flexibility. More of our graduates are passing the national exams, as well as various types of certification and civil service exams, which has increased the number of graduates working in law related positions(real estate appraiser, certified labor attorney).
The division of law firmly believes that if students devote themselves to their studies with a clear focus and diligence, the general law major will succeed in producing excellent legal workers and students will be able to reach their personal goals sufficiently.

The International Legal Affairs major cultivates professionals in the field of international trade, commerce and international dispute settlements, which are increasing in the era of globalization. As much as the demand for manpower skilled in international legal issues regarding FTA is increasing, students are being encouraged to get jobs at large law firms and display their abilities acquired at school.
Companies and the country itself is now seeking for global professionals. Fluency in foreign language and knowledge in international affairs is now being regarded as a basic requirement, and the law division also aims to develop students to gain an international perspective and ability to solve international disputes with flexibility, in relation to international law. There is still a shortage in the supply of competent manpower, especially in the field of international legal affairs. Therefore, there is a need to cultivate abilities to act as a pioneer in supporting economic and environmental problems among countries and regions, and present new directions of development for the future.
This major organizes specific courses for students in order to give them strong motivation, and trains them with an emphasis on practical skills so that they will be well prepared for possible confusions faced on the work field. Prospective students are expected to grow into competent legal professionals, through the study of basic law and general law related courses, as well as practical case studies on international trade and contract.



Science and Technology Law Major


Along with the continuous development of science technology, the industry of information communications and architecture are also rapidly expanding. This major was established in order to satisfy the increasing social demand for legal specialists who have the ability to solve newly arising legal problems, by cultivating differentiated legal professionals.
The rapid development of science technology is greatly influencing our economy, society and politics, and it is needless to say that related legal issues are consequently increasing in number. However, there is a shortage in the number of professionals who can solve these new legal issues. This department aims to produce differentiated legal professionals in this field, by focusing on balanced study of both theory and practice regarding laws related to science technology.
This department is making extra efforts to implement differentiated education regarding IT laws such as Information and Communications Law, Intellectual Property Rights Law, by offering specialized courses on principles of science technology legal policy, information communications law, electronic commerce, industrial property law, international intellectual property law, information security, cyber crime etc, and striving to form a curriculum suitable to the current era of science technology. In addition, due to the rise in architectural disputes from rapid expansion of the architecture industry, this department is also giving interest to the production of professionals educated in the specialized legal fields of construction contract law, ground construction, housing architecture law, real estate tax law, and principles of architectural dispute solution, included as additional course offerings.
In addition, this major deals with the eduction of understanding practical business skills regarding english contracts, which is a necessary field that many companies and related businessmen strongly require. Students will be offered with lectures concerning the study of english contracts, and also receive feedback from professors through those lectures, being provided with the opportunity to develop professional and practical business skills, which no other law education system supplies. Through the production of manpower with professional and practical competence, we expect for further development of outstanding individuals who can carry out missions of the times.