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The Department of Public Administration was established in October of 1980 and started accepting students in 1981. During the past years, many alumni have been working in various posts including government organizations. They were trained not only for the national administration examination required to become a government employee, but also to work in public enterprises, private companies, universities and research institutions.
The department offers theories and practices of government organization and management, recruiting and personnel management, finance and budget management, policy making and implementation, local self-governance systems, government and business relations, technology for human relations, and understanding of foreign countries. Also, the department aims to bring up creative and active managers through academic theory, field experience, creativity training and audio/visual education. All these efforts eventually lead to implementing theories into practice. To train and develop skilled problem solvers, courses on using MS-Excel, Powerpoint, Word, are provided along with leadership training and English education.
Close relationships between alumni working at various social fields and students concentrated on studying to realize future dreams, definitely helps mutual development. These kind of relationships lead to many job opportunities for students, and chances for development to the alumni to provide continuous guidance and job training.