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Industrial Psychology is an academic field that conducts scientific analysis of problems by applying psychological knowledge to organizations, and aims to develop corporate human resource professionals. Industrial and Organizational Psychology could be considered a more accurate name for this field of study. Nothing in modern society can be described without mentioning organizations. Although it hasn't been long since Korea started caring for this field, it is now evident that we cannot expect an organization to develop or grow, without paying respect to the motivations and expectations of employees.
Industrial Psychology focuses on the effective use of human resource. The main subjects we cover include the human resource psychology sector regarding 'recruitment', 'industrial education', 'evaluation', and 'personnel management', and the organizational psychology sector regarding 'human behavior within organizations' and 'organizational change and adaptation'.
In addition, this department also covers many sectors of psychology including consumer psychology and advertisement psychology which deals with making promotion strategies based on consumer behavior, cognitive psychology which deals with high level human cognitive functions (caution, study, memory, language, decision making, problem solving), engineering psychology which applies perception psychology to human related industries, design and artefact layouts, and counseling psychology which conducts study on counseling theories and methods in order to raise professional counselors.