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The overall program in the Department of English Language and Literature is designed to improve practical English proficiency through the study of basic courses such as listening and composition, followed by advanced classes in linguistics and literature. By offering courses dealing with a variety of topics in these related fields, this department aims to produce high-quality English professionals.
English is the most important and widely used language in the world. Therefore, it is essential, not only to have a good command of English but to gain a proper understanding of English-using cultures. In order to meet such demands of the modern age, the Department at enhancing students' English proficiency, as well as providing them with wide knowledge and critical perspective on English Language and Literature.
The curriculum consists of various courses to help students understand the nature of the English Language, and to gain a balanced perspective on English Literature. The basic courses including English Composition, English Conversation and English Readings will help students improve their practical English proficiency. Survey courses such as Introduction to English Literature, Introduction to Linguistics, Introduction to English Grammar and Current English will help students acquire the basic knowledge and skills needed to conduct deeper studies in this field.
Career opportunities for English graduates cover a wide range. Their good command of English will enable them to engage in companies where such language fluency is needed. The knowledge and perspective on English Literature after four years of study, will enable them to play important roles in the field of cultural industry. Furthermore, English fluency and understanding on English-using cultures will lead to their contribution in foreign diplomacy. Those who have theoretical interests in this field can continue their studies at graduate school to establish their own views and critical perspectives, and eventually, contribute academically to the development of English Language and Literature.