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- Mass Communication
This major aims to explore communication theories and practices in all aspects of human society including newspaper, broadcasting, film and publishing, as well as communication between individuals, organizations and individuals within organizations.
- Digital Media
Due to rapid developments in communication media convergence and game & portal industries, the media field is now seeking professionals with new talents. In order to satisfy these social demands, the Digital Media Major provides specialized curriculum focused on nurturing planners of media production and marketing combined. Further aims include cultivating well rounded contents producers who are skilled in digital media service development, designing and marketing altogether. In other words, we seek producers skilled in planning and planners skilled in producing.
- Corporate Communication
The Corporate Communication major focuses on developing professionals capable of executing activities, not only as 'a staff in charge of public relations and advertising', but as a dynamic professional also promoting the organization's 'strategic communication'. Best efforts are made to conduct in depth study of theories and practices in marketing communication and to enhance speech skills fit for an active communicator, as well as strategic planning and application skills fit for a PR strategist.
The graduates of Kwangwoon's Division of Communication Arts are already displaying excellent performance within the best PR strategy groups of many organizations, and more are expected to follow in the future.