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The advent of information society has called for the increase in high-quality professionals who are highly knowledgeable in mathematics and science. In accordance with such societal needs, the department puts its main interest on research and education of applied mathematics.
Classes offered in the program can be categorized into the following three groups:
(1) courses on mathematical knowledge and principles;
(2) courses concerned with modeling on the problems caused in the fields of mathematics, engineering, social sciences, natural sciences, and medicine;
(3) courses designed for scientific calculation such as mathematics. statistics, cryptography, and insurance mathematics.
Teaching, learning and research of mathematics have many important aspects not only for the development of mathematics itself but also as a basic science to meet demands of technical developments in modern industrial and information society. It has been emphasized that mathematical techniques are applied to theoretical statements of physical science and engineering as well as humanities and social sciences.

Department of mathematics establishes educational objectives to meet such demands as follows:
Firstly, it seeks to develop students' abilities to perform their job logically and efficiently by understanding basic concepts and systems of modern mathematics and by applying mathematical techniques and using computers to solve real world problems.
Secondly, it aims at training students who have abilities to study mathematics including applied mathematics and other majors in graduate schools. Thirdly, it tries to nurture capable people who can contribute to the development of society.
The curriculum of the department offers basic principles which help students fulfilling their objectives. Major courses include analysis, algebra, topology, statistics, probability, applied analysis, numerical analysis, coding and cryptography and actuarial mathematics.

Department of mathematics gives full efforts to reach their goals, which include the following three main objects strongly demanded today;
(1) Development of abilities on mathematical knowledge and thoughts.
(2) Development of abilities on solving various present problems through applied mathematics.
(3) Development of abilities in applying the acquired knowledge to computer.
Department of mathematics opens various useful subjects including not only pure mathematics but also applied mathematics such as probabilities, differential equations, numerical analysis, cryptography and actuarial mathematics. Most of these subjects are deeply related to real life. In addition, we also concentrate on educating students to acquire essential abilities to analyze and solve overall problems by using mathematical knowledge.