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The Department of Chemistry was established in 1988 to provide the fundamental four-year-college program in the fields of physical, organic, inorganic, analytical, and polymer chemistry. The department is well equipped with modern chemical instruments such as NMR, FT-IR, Infrared Spectrometer, HPLC, UV-Visible, Atomic Absorption/Flame Emission Spectrophotometers, Elemental Analyzer, Blood Electrolyte/Gas Analyzer, EG&G 273-A Electrochemical Analyzer, Automatic Screen Printer, GC-Mass, GC, GPC, TGA as well as many other chemical apparatus which embody basic knowledge into practical applications. In addition, the department provides various advanced courses such as quantum chemistry, molecular spectroscopy, thermodynamics, physical organic chemistry, organometallics, electrochemistry, polymer chemistry, biochemistry, etc.