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The rapid growth of population and industrialization in modern age have caused the problem of environmental pollution, especially in the urban and the industrial areas. When the population and its residing areas were not overcrowded, circulation of materials caused no serious problem, as the scrapped materials were collected and diffused through surrounding areas and subsequently decomposed by microorganisms. However, as industrial facilities increase in modern age, the mass of scrapped materials produced are causing pollution.
In Korea's case, rapid industrialization and urbanization since the 1960s has not only caused water and air pollution, but also accumulation of scrapped materials as by-products of industrialization. Trained professionals are urgently needed in our society, to deal with the problems caused by environmental pollution.
The curriculum consists of various courses to provide students with knowledge and skills to deal with pollution problems. The basic knowledge of biology, physics and chemistry will be offered.
In addition, knowledge and skills needed in planning, constructing and managing the facilities for cleaning the environment will also be offered, in order to produce capable professionals in the field of environmental engineering.