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As a foundation of modern industry, the field of chemical engineering is rapidly developing with the introduction of new technologies. The chemical industry is divided into various sectors, such as fiber chemistry & related industries, biochemical industry, fiber industry, pulp and paper manufacturing industry, fertilizer industry, industries of plastic, rubber, leather, fermentation, and so on.
The application fields of chemical engineering are innumerable : manufacturing daily necessities, pharmaceuticals, energy industry, oil-refinery, synthetic cloth, polymer goods, oiled-paper, pulp, surfactant industry, and electro-chemical industry. The fields of chemical engineering, biochemical engineering and chemical installment are in rising need of qualified technicians.
To meet this industrial need and to cultivate men for the field of chemical engineering, which is closely related to national life and its key industries, this department is offering courses on thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, reaction engineering, computer aided process design, biochemical engineering, physics, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, and analytical chemistry with the help of up-to-date analytic equipments.
This department is making great efforts to cultivate highly qualified technicians who are good at both theory and its application, to satisfy the requirement of this high-tech society.