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The Department of Architectural Engineering was approved of in July of 1988, and started off in 1989 with an entrance quota of 50 students. In 2001, this department was reformed into the Division of Architecture, composed of two majors, Architectural Design and Architectural Engineering. Afterwards in 2003, the five year program, Department of Architecture, was separated from this Division, enabling the Department of Architectural Engineering to reorganize its educational contents and focus more on the research of architectural engineering.
Architecture engineering is the study of structural engineering technology, architectural environmental engineering and facilities engineering technology, various materials and construction & management technology. It conducts research on the structure and design of general houses to skyscrapers, their materials and methods of construction, environmental design and facility planning. The main areas of recent study include 'the field of construction business management' which deals with efficiency enhancement in relation to the lifespan of a building regarding its design, construction and maintenance, 'the field of sustainable construction' which focuses on energy savings and environment protection, and 'the field of stable construction' which emphasizes the importance of how well a building can resist against external force such as earthquakes. Since 2006, we have been devoted to the education of international engineering by reorganizing the curriculum into a professional architectural engineering program, which also prepares students for the acquirement of engineering certification.

The Department of Architectural Engineering aims to contribute to national economy and human society by developing professionals who can lead the way in the rapidly changing industrialized society of the 21st century. The main tasks include studying new scientific ideas and knowledge, as well as cultivating practical application skills. In other words, the department provides the education required for producing 'creative global architecture professionals skilled in practical techniques', and detailed educational aims are as follows.

Ⅰ. Development of application skills and engineering basics
- the ability to apply mathematics, basic science, engineering knowledge and theory required for architectural engineering
Ⅱ. Development of creative problem solving and designing abilities
- the ability to perceive architectural engineering problems and solve them creatively by using formulation.
- the ability to creatively design the system, materials and process of a building, according to conditions
Ⅲ. Professional development of practical architectural engineering skills
- the ability to use the techniques, methods, up-to-date engineering tools and information technology required for practical work
- the ability to analyze and understand architectural engineering material and related documents
- the ability to continuously develop one's professional skills through lifelong education
Ⅳ. Development of basic knowledge as an international engineer
- the ability to work as a multidisciplinary team member, based on efficient communication skills
- the ability to understand current issues about economy, business, environment and law
- the ability to cooperate internationally, based on the understanding of global standards and trends, as well as world culture
- the ability to widely understand the overall social influence of architectural engineering solutions from a macroscopic perspective, based on professional and ethical responsibility.