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The Department of Electronic Engineering, as one of the representative departments of Kwangwoon University, strives to produce excellent manpower for the electronic engineering industry.
After its establishment in 1934, our Department has been performing a pivotal role as a pioneer in the development of Electronic Engineering in Korea for the past 70 years. Currently, our department consists of 17 professors, 500 undergraduates and 90 graduate students. The educational goal of the Electronic Engineering Department is to produce excellent engineers who are skilled in both theoretical knowledge and practical problem solving.
Particularly, our department has been conducting research in key areas such as networks, multimedia signal processing, wireless communications and electronics, areas which are necessary in order to produce skilled manpower for creativity and competitiveness, as well as leading research.
The quality of education provided by our department was officially certified in 2004 by ABEEK(Korea Accreditation Board for Engineering Education of Korea) for its high quality and successful performance, In order to produce skilled manpower for Samsung Electronics and other companies in the same field, students need to be provided with latest course material in the related fields of information and communication.
The faculty of our department actively participate at the Information Technology Research Center (ITRC), where various young scientists and special-education students have uplifted notable research areas. The graduates of ITRC are currently working at top companies.
The Department of Electronic Engineering at Kwangwoon University is endeavoring to challenge unlimited competition and promote the convergence of high technology, knowledge, and industrialization for the 21st century.