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The Department of Computer Software aims at nurturing high-quality professionals needed for the research and development of a variety of computer softwares. Based on the in-depth understanding of mathematics, logic, and computer hardware, students are encouraged to acquire knowledge required in the development of core systems software and application software. The main areas of study include system software, database, programming languages, artificial intelligence, software engineering, computer graphics, multimedia system, information communications, next generation internet, and on-line security.
Possessing the longest history than any other department of computer science, the Department of Computer Software has been strongly dedicated to computer education. It's prior aim is to research various fields of hardware and software in order to bring up capable IT professionals through the study of basic theories, applications, and systems related to the computer science field.The educational policy of our department is to introduce the most up-to-date system and flow of computer science as well as to provide the most basic subjects so that students will be able to adapt easily to every field of computer science once they graduate from school.The Department of Computer Software has offered programs in Master of Science in Computer Science and Doctor of Philosophy Degrees since 1980.

The Department of Computer Software has been a chief place of learning and researching for this field since 1971. Due to rapid improvement of science and technology, every field of our society now relies strongly on access to information. Therefore, it is needless to say that the management of information is becoming very important.Our department explores the meaning of learning computer science and studies the most effective methods of information maintenance in order to improve human life. Our department consists of 12 professors and research laboratories in each field. The research labs are used to give lectures to undergraduate students with a focus on practical experiments and applications.