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Recent advancements in modern technology have led to rapid development in computer performance, and its application range is expanding every single day, from smart phones to super computers. The Department of Computer Engineering focuses on up to date research on computer structure and system application, as well as the basic courses required for these studies, in order to promote computer based industries within the field of advanced science. The actual curriculum is composed of three parts, computer hardware, system software and computer application. The final aim of this department is to cultivate professional engineers who are skilled in the application of engineering theories and ubiquitous computing, which strengthens the foundation of national information industries by effectively connecting the computer industry with research.
Currently there are 11 professors who are devoted to the research and studies of computer engineering, along with graduate school students working for their masters and doctoral degree. Many research labs are provided, including Information Engineering Research Lab, Information and Communications Lab, Multimedia Information System Lab, Intelligence Image Communications Lab, DSSP (Digital System & Signal Processing) Lab, Mobile Computing Lab, Wireless Network Lab, Media Processor Lab, Image Processing System Lab, System Software Lab, Embedded System Structure Lab etc.