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Lines Info.
Line 1 (Incheon, Suwon – Seoul Station - Cheonryangri - Uijeongbu)
Get off at Kwangwoon Univ. Station.
6-minute walk from the Station to school
Line 6 (Ungam – Bonghwa Mountain)
Get off at the Seokgye Station
10-minute walk from the Gate 1 of the Station to school.
Line 7 (Dobong—Nowon—Kunja—Kunkuk University—Chungdam— Express Bus Terminal—Onsu)
Transfer to Line 6 at Taeneung Station and get off at the Seokgye Station.
10 minute walk from the Gate 1 of the Station to school

Shuttle Bus Info.
Seokgye Station → KWU - It runs every 5 minutes between 08:00 and 10:30 in the morning from Monday through Friday.
- You can take the shuttle bus at the stop of T-intersection of Seokgye Public Parking Lot.
Taeneung Station →
Seokgye Station → KWU
- It runs every 12 minutes between 08:00 and 10:30 in the morning from Monday through Friday.
- You can take the shuttle bus at the Airport bus stop near the Gate 1 of Taeneung Station.

Bus Info.
Front Gate Bound

261 (Blue Bus)
Seokgye Station—Kwangwoon Univ. Station—KWU—Seokwan Intersection—Cheong-nyangri Station—
Dongdaemun Stadium—Mapo Station—Yeoido Station—National Assembly—Youngdeungpo Station

1017 (Green Bus)
Wolgye Electrical Substation—KWU—Jangkok Elementary School—Changmun Girls’ High School—
Anam Rotary—Yongdoo Market—Donga Pharmaceutical Co.—8th Street of Chunggye—
Dongdaemun Stadium—7th Street of Cheonggye

1137 (Green Bus)
Sanggye Centeral Market—Sanggye 5-dong Village Office—Cheongwon High School—Madul Station
—Dobong Driver’s License Examination Center—Juggye Station—Hagye Station—KWU—
Jangkok Elementary School—Jangwedong Hill—Changmun Girls’ High School—Mia Station—
Songjug Elementary School

1140 (Green Bus)
Junggyedong Intersection—Sangmyung Elementary School—Junggye Station—Hagye Station—
KWU—Wolgye Life

Kwangwoon Univ.Station Bound:
(6-minute walk)

163 (Blue Bus)
Kwangwoon Univ. Station—Seokgye Station—Wolgok Station—Jongam Police Station—Anam Rotary—
Sinseldong Rotary—Dongdaemoon—Lotte Department Store—Seobu Station—Yeonchon Bridge—
Manridong Hill—Gongdeok Market—Shinchon Station—Sungsan –Mapogu Office—
Wonchon Middle School—Mokdong Ewha Women’s University Hospital

1133 (Green Bus)
Seokgye Station—Kwangwoon Univ. Station—Yeomkwang Girls’ High School—Sinchang Bridge—
Dobong Culture Center—Changdong Station (West Gate)—Dobong Registration Office— Nowongu Office

Hancheon Road Bound:
(5-minute walk)

145 (Blue Bus)
Bundong—Jangwee 3 dong Office—Huikyong Girls’ Middle and High School—Jang-an Market—
Sindap Station—Dongdaemoon-gu Office—Sungdong-gu Office—Apgujeong Station—
Nonhyun Station—Kangnam Station

1218 (Green Bus)
Tosunsa Gate—Woo-ee Elementary School—Suyou 5 dong Office—Kangbuk-gu Office Intersection—
Jang-wee 3 dong Office—Seokwan High School—Hyikyong Girls’ Middle and High School—
Jang-an Market—Tapshimni Intersection

Seokye Station Bound:
(10-minute walk or
take a shuttle bus)

1155 (Blue Bus)
Uijeongbu Minrock-dong Jugong Apartmen—Chunghak-ri—Byolnaemyeon Office—Taeneung Station
—Seokgye Station

1156 (Blue Bus)
Tyogyewon myeon Office—Tyogyewon Intersection—Taeneung Station –Seokgye Station