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The first logo for Dongguk Electronic Engineering Primary College, used in 1962, was changed in 1964, as the name of institution changed to Kwangwoon Electronic Engineering College, and then to Kwangwoon Engineering College in 1976. Kwangwoon Engineering College was promoted to “Kwangwoon University” in 1983, and now that the university encompassed various academic fields, the logo was renewed.


The logo born in 1983 comprises the emblem, motto and history of Kwangwoon, with its name expressed now in Korean and English. The emblem consists of a “book” which symbolizes learning, an “educational venue” and a “flying horse,” the symbol of Kwangwoon. The university motto, VERITAS et LUX, “truth and light” in Latin, are the educational principles of Kwangwoon. The name “광운대학교” and “Kwangwoon University,” stated in both Korean and English, express its status as a global university.


The original logo of 1962 was restored in order to recall the tradition and history of Kwangwoon; however, “1962” inscribed in this logo was changed to “1934.” The board of directors officially acknowledged that although the institution was established in 1962, it originated in the year in which the Kwangwoon Foundation was first established.


The logo is the modern interpretation of the traditional symbol of Kwangwoon University.