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1971.12.31 Kwangwoon Computer Center was open.
1974.12.17 The Department of Electronic Materials Engineering was established.
1976.12.21 School was renamed as Kwangwoon Engineering College.
(The Department of Industrial Business Administration was established.)
1979.12.05 The Department of Business Administration was established.
1979.12.05 The Graduate School of Engineering was established.
1980.10.13 The Departments of Public Administration and of International Trade were established.
1981.03.01 School was renamed into Kwangwoon College.
1984.11.27 The Graduate School of Engineering and Management Information was established.
1985.11.11 The Department of Chemical Engineering was established.
1986.11.06 The Department of Law was established.
1988.07.08 The 4-year college (university) status was conferred.
1988.02.10 The First President, Dr. Cho Mu-sung was inaugurated.
1988.07.08 The Departments of Architectural Engineering and of Environmental Engineering were established.
1988.11.30 The Graduate School of Business Administration was established.
1989.11.16 The Department of Journalism and Mass Communication Studies was established.