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2004.01.14 President Park Young-sik selected as the 12th president of the Korean Council for
University Education
2004.01.19 Operation ceremony of the university administration system (Sunfire 15K System)
2004.02.07 Mr.Kang Mun-kyu was inaugurated as the Kwangwoon Education Foundation Executive Director,
2004.02.27 Inauguration of the Kwangwoon University Academy-Industry Cooperation Center
2004.05.17 Signing of academic exchange agreement with Liaoning University, China
2004.05.18 Opening of the mobile library service
2004.05.20 2004 UbIT International Symposium was held.
2004.05.21 Events commemorating the 70th anniversary of Kwangwoon Education Foundation,
Announcement of the Kwangwoon Vision 2014 Kwangwoon 1040 project
2004.05.26 Opening of the PDP Summer School at the PDP research center
2004.09.01 Opening of the Division of General Education
2004.09.10 Signing of sisterly ties with Hansung University
2004.09.23 Signing of industry-university cooperation agreement with Dasan E&E
2004.11.02~04 2004 Entered into the 2nd circle of the Comprehensive University Evaluation
2004.11.22 MBA, Signing cooperation agreement with the MBA Lincoln University
2004.11.24 Opening of the International Zone
2004.12.17 Singing of industry-university cooperation agreement with LG Electronics
2005.01.03 College of Electronic & Information Engineering evaluated as outstanding role
model in the Engineering Education Certification program
2005.01.06 Signing of agreement with the National Institute of Environmental Research
2005.02.14 Ground-breaking ceremony of the Hanchonjae building
2005.02.17 Undergraduate and graduate programs were evaluated as outstanding by the Comprehensive University
2005.03.14 Signing of cooperation agreement with Qingdao Technological University on the establishment of the
2005.03.28 Signing of agreement with Pochon Cha University College of Medicine on academic exchange and
industry-university cooperation
2005.04.15 Evaluated as the best university in the 2004 Technology Training University Project
2005.05.18 Signing of government-university cooperation with the Gang-buk District office
2005.05.31 Singing of sisterly ties with Jangsu county in the province of Chungbuk
2005.06.07 Signing of agreement with Dalian University of Foreign Languages(China) on student exchange and cooperation;
signing a student exchange agreement with Eastern Liaoning University.China
2005.06.13 Signing of exchange and cooperation agreement with the Korea Testing Laboratory
2005.07.21 Signing of agreement on the operation with the IT Track (designed to produce IT specialists) with Samsang
2005.08.22 Completion ceremony of Seungrikwan building.
2005.08.23 Completion ceremony of Hanwolkwan building.
2005.10.08 Dr.Lee Sang-chul was inaugurated as the 7th president of the University.
2005.12.01 Opening ceremony of the Construction Legal Affairs Research Center
2005.12.14 Signing ceremony for cooperation agreement with Korea Infrastructure Safety and Technology Cooperation
2005.12.15 Opening ceremony of the next-generation PDP Joint Research Center
2005.12.29 Won championship at the 1st Robo-1 University League
2006.02.20 Departments of Electricity, Radio Wave and Electronic Communications Engineering were designated for receiving governmental financial support in the IT education area sponsored by the Ministry of Information and Communication
2006.04.14 Designated as a key education center for training ITSoC designers by Korea Software Promotion Agency
2006.04.25 Established a Defense IT Research Center
2006.04.25 Selected for receiving financial support under the 2nd BK21 project by the Ministry of Education and Human Resources
2006.04.28 Held an international symposium for IT 3DID
2006.04.29 Opened a “Chambit Child Care Center,” an auxiliary facility of the Graduate School of Education
2006.05.19 Opened a dormitory for international students, International house
2006.05.23 Launched a Nano IP/SoC Innovation Project Group sponsored by Seoul Metropolitan City
2006.05.25 Selected as a University for 2006 OJT Project by SMEs
2006.05.30 Selected for the BcN Pilot Project sponsored by the MIC
2006.06.01 Established an Institute for Specialized Expertise Programs
2006.06.29 Signed an industry-academic cooperation agreement with “WITHUS.”
2006.07.10 College of Law signed an MOU with the Construction Daily Newspaper.
2006.07.22 Selected and supported for specialization in University education by the Ministry of Education and Human Resources
2006.08.28 Signed an MOU on IT technology with Defense Research Center
2006.08.30 Signed an MOU with Security Management Iinstitute
2006.10.18 Organized the University committee and held the first meeting
2006.11.01 Held a ceremony for launching a Kwangwoon robot game team, “Robit”
2006.11.02 Signed an MOU with Kyonggi local government and Uijeongbu City government to attract universities
2007.01.29 Signed a government-academic agreement with Kwangju city of Kyonggi province.
2007.02.12 Electronic Engineering department was selected for the NEXT project of the MIC
2007.02.21 Signed an MOU with KMI for joint consultation on UProject
2007.03.07 Signed a government-academic agreement with Sungnam City government
2007.03.13 Signed with Ministry of Labor an agreement to strengthen University capability to help students build their careers
2007.04.04 KWU IACF was awarded “The Best Korea Award” by the Herald Economic Tribune
2007.04.24 Electronic and information Engineering College and KESCO signed an MOU on joint and commissioned research.
2007.05.14 Held a ceremony of S/W donation by CREDU
2007.05.31 “Robit” won the championship of the Super Robot Grand Prix (SRGP) sponsored KT
2007.06.02 “Robit” won the championship of the 3rd Asia Robo-1.
2007.07.05 Signed an industry-academic collaboration agreement with LG-Nortel
2007.08.20 Signed an industry-academic collaboration agreement with Environmental Impact Assessment Association
2007.08.23 Signed an industry-academic collaboration agreement with Eduwill.
2007.08.27 Signed an industry-academic collaboration agreement with Korea EMC
2007.09.10 Held the 1st Job Creation Contest hosted by KWU IACF.
2007.10.18~21 “Robit” finished second in Humanoid, 1st through 4th in Battle Robots, and 2nd in URC in the 2007 International Robot Contest”
2007.10.29 Signed an academic exchange agreement with New York State University
2007.11.02 Signed an academic exchange agreement on defense industry with DAPA
2007.11.08 Established a Remote Life-long Education Center
2007.11.16 KWU soccer team won the championship of the 2007 Fall Season of KBSN University Soccer Match”
2007.11.22 Signed an academic exchange agreement with Korean Military Academy
2007.11.26~27 Held “3D Fair 2007” co-hosted by 3DRC and the 3D Consortium of Japan
2007.12.08 Held the 1st KWU SoC Design Contest among regional SoC Centers.”